Class Announcements in ClassLink

Class Announcements

Teachers can add announcements to classes in the Teacher Console.


1.  To add an announcement for a class, click the icon in the top right of the console.


  1. This will bring up the list of announcements. To create a new announcement, click the Create Announcement button. 


3.  When creating an announcement, first choose what classes to create the announcement for by selecting them from the dropdown that appears after clicking Select Classes. Next, choose a start and end date for the announcement, finally set the title and content. The content has a 1000 character limit.



4.  In My Backpack, students will see announcements for a specific class by clicking on that class in the dashboard, which will lead to the Announcements section for that class.



5.  Students can also see all of their announcements by clicking the icon in the top right.


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